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Welcome to our Internet shop!

We are glad to welcome you on pages of our Internet shop. In our shop you can find production of world leaders in manufacture of toys and goods for children .
The assortment of toys and games is wide and covers all age categories. Our Internet Toy Shop is popular with many parents, thanks to the optimum prices and excellent assortment. Toys are an important component of the world of any child. By means of a game a child learns the world, studies to co-ordinate the movements and develops its memory. Value of children's toys cannot be overestimated, because all the brightest childhood memories are connected with toys.
Choosing children's toys it is necessary to pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to consider an educational component. Besides, toys should be safe and ecologically pure.

We have got all dolls for girls: dolls Corolle Miss Grenadine, Calin Laughing Bright, Jules, Victoria, MARILYN. In the course of a game with a doll your girl ( daughter, niece)
can learn to look after kids, to feed them, to dress pampers and to bathe. Dolls Barbie are the most popular toys for girls, and dolls Bratz are the most fashionable dolls.
In our toy shop it is possible to buy various accessories for dolls, the clothes, furniture and the doll's houses. Barbie becomes for your girl ( daughter, niece) the best girlfriend.

In our toy shop it is possible to buy toys for boys, among which certain favourites are construction sets Lego and Mega Blocks. Lego will help
your kid to master elements of "design" activity, that will be useful in the future. Bright and well thought over compositions of Lego and Mega Blocks
will impart to your child a good taste since the early childhood . The Internet toy shop offers construction sets Lego and Mega Blocks of the latest models.

Also we offer the diversified soft toys: funny animals, heroes of cartoon films and children's cinema and other soft toys of the highest quality which you can find at
our catalogue. At a huge choice of soft toys our prices are out of competition. We hope, that our games will be interesting both to children and their parents.

When did you give good qualitative developing toys and souvenirs to your family, relatives for the last time? Present to the newborn a wooden rattle,
and the kid will listen attentively to a sound and enjoy a juniper smell with a pleasure. And it is far not all.
Your kid soon will have a Birthday or you have simply decided to please your child with a new toy. the children's toy is a small holiday in the big life of your kid.
Only you can make its rather bright and happy. What do kids like most of all? Toys, what else! For them toys are the possibility to realise the children's dreams.
In our Internet shop of children's toys it is possible to find developing games and developing toys for all tastes and for any age.
Development of children is the main thing of what we, their parents, should take care. We hope that now you know, that there are not simply children's toys, but also children's developing toys which help kids to learn world around them faster, develop logic thinking and memory of children, increase their creative potential, acquaint with figures and letters.

We hope that in our Internet Shop you will find that toy which your child will like and which will benefit for its development. Children are the dearest people in our life.
Choosing toys for a child, you should know, that they:
- should allow the kid to be active;
- should be safe in use;
- should stimulate coordination between eyes and hands;
- should train the child in cause-affect relations;
- should stimulate and develop imagination.

All our toys will render beneficial influence on development of your kid.

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